Sunday, May 8, 2011

Afternoon Surprise

With all the packing and selling going on, I still found some time to get an afternoon paddle in with Uncle Gary. He's interested in stepping down to a "surfy" board and since my 9'1" Paddle Surf Hawaii Ripper was available, he wanted to give it a shot.

I thought it was going to be a choppy, blown-out, victory at sea paddle, but I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up and the wind was blowing from the south-southeast giving the Shores & Scripps some offshore winds. Of course, the waves were super small, but at least the offshore wind held up the waves to create little corners that you could blast if you generated enough speed.

I cannot describe the awesomeness of my 8'10" Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper. I'm running it as a quad and it generates lots of speed on the smallest of waves. Pump down the line and carve it as hard as you can. Big or small, this is my go-to board in any San Diego conditions... yes, it's that fun.

I can't wait to get this board back into the Hawaiian waters and in some playful reef breaks! Cheee hoooooo!!!

La Jolla Shores - 8'10 Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper - down the line

photo: spot the corner, speed to it, blast it. auurryyte!

La Jolla Shores - 8'10 Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper - frontside cutback
photo: frontside cutback

La Jolla Shores - 8'10 Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper - backside cutback
photo: backside cutback

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